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The Best of Asian Fusion at Brisbane’s Mr. Wabi Part 2 

Welcome back to our culinary series here at Mr. Wabi, where flavours meet innovation in the heart of Brisbane. 

This time, we’re slicing into the succulent world of Peking Duck Pancakes, savouring the sweet melody of Plum Sauce Boneless Duck, and diving deep within Fried Barramundi, Southeast Asian Style.  

Each dish has an exciting story waiting to be told.  

Peking Duc... Pancakes...?

Imagine the sizzle of crispy duck as it’s being carved. 

Now, picture a soft, warm pancake in your hand. It’s light, like a feather. 


In goes the duck – rich and succulent. Each slice is a perfect balance of crispy skin and tender meat, bursting with flavours developed through meticulous roasting. 

Next, a sliver of cucumber. Crunchy. Fresh. It’s the cool breeze on a warm day. 

Then, the shallots. They’re sharp, yet sweet, cutting through the richness with precision.  

A drizzle of hoisin sauce adds the final touch. It’s sweet, slightly tangy with a depth that ties everything together. 

Wrap it up, take a bite, and let the layers of flavour and texture blend in a moment of culinary bliss.  

This strange – but also amazing – experience is a delicate dance of tastes and traditions, reimagined through the lens of Asian fusion right here in Brisbane. 

Next, we have… 

Plum Sauce Boneless Duck

The dish arrives and it’s already a feast for the eyes. Golden, lightly battered duck, gleaming under a drizzle of homemade plum sauce. 

First, the aroma. It’s sweet, with a hint of tardiness, inviting you to dive in. 

As your fork sinks into the duck, you’ll find no resistance.  

The meat is tender, succulent, and perfectly cooked. 

Around it, the batter offers just the right amount of crunch.  

But the plum sauce is what steals the show.  

Sweet yet tangy, rich but refreshing, covers each piece of duck in a velvety embrace. 

The sauce is the result of a careful balance of flavours, honed to perfection, enhancing the duck without overwhelming its natural taste. 

With each bite, the duck and sauce combine with the freshness of seasonal veggies. 

They’re an integral part of the experience, adding colour, crunch and vibrancy. 

The dish is a testament to the art of fusion cooking – where the traditional elements are there, but reimagined, creating something entirely new, yet comfortingly familiar. 

Fried Barramundi Southeast Asian Style

Picture this: 

A piece of barramundi, its skin crisped to perfection, sitting atop a vibrant array of herbs and spices. 

The first bite is a revelation. The exterior crackles, then yields to the tender, flaky fish within. Each layer unfolds with freshness and depth. 

Then comes the sauce – a masterful blend of housemade sweet soy and zhenjiang vinegar, laced with ginger and shallots.  

It’s a cascade of flavours, sweet yet tangy, rich yet utterly refreshing, that elevates the barramundi to new heights. 

Mint salad adds the final touch, a splash of green that’s as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the plate. 

Each bite is crisp, clean, balancing the richness of the fish and the complexity of the sauce. 

The dish is a journey to the heart of Southeast Asia, reinterpreted through the lens of Brisbane's vibrant culinary scene. This is your invitation to explore the boundless possibilities of Asian fusion cuisine.  

Your Table Awaits at Mr. Wabi

We’ve travelled through the rich flavours and textures of Mr. Wabi’s signature dishes, from the succulent Peking Duck Pancakes, and the refreshing Fried Barramundi Southeast Asian Style. 

Each of these dishes are a chapter in the story of Asian Fusion in Brisbane. 

Now, it’s your turn. Reading all about it is nice and all, but tasting it for yourself is on a whole new level. 

We invite you to step into Mr. Wabi and experience these culinary wonders for yourself.  

Will you accept the invitation? 

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